What makes me think God won't use me?

Even though I have been sad at times and dealing with some big changes these past months,  God continues to be God and has done amazing things.

This summer, every Wednesday evening I’ve had the privilege of sharing and speaking truth into the lives of some wonderful young ladies in the single adult’s group at our church.  It’s been incredible!

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A few years ago the Holy Spirit started working in me about a need in the universal church, as well in our own church – the need for consistent, authentic leadership within the college/young-adult age group.

Young people want to be allowed to come to their own conclusions about Christian living and life in general, but they also need others speaking truth into their lives in a genuine, authentic way. They want to hear, see, and experience personal direct ways in which God works.


... through sadness to purpose.

Oh my lands! I am so bad! I haven’t written in so long – I apologize really I do, but do you want to know why?

Why I haven’t sat down and focused on putting words on a screen. Words I have to think about and deal with? I am going to be transparent – my hubby so often likes to say – “we need to be transparent”, well I’m going to be transparent.

I haven’t written because I have been – SAD!

Find My Way

There I said it, I have been really, truly sad! I have been having a very hard time dealing with my emotions. It has been so much harder than I thought, well I take that back, I actually thought it would be hard; But man this stinks! What has caused my sadness?


Learning to Survive AND Thrive Through It

All of my daughters and I are very similar in one way, we seem to handle coming change with a hefty dose of grouchiness. Yep, we all get a little snippy with those around us.  Why is that?  Why do we bite at those closest to us?

making a mess

I noticed this in the week leading up to Julia leaving for Peru. It wasn’t really full blown yelling,  just little snips here and there, but enough that Dad noticed and said enough!  We needed to have a night to talk and pray together before Julia and Jenna left to minister for the summer.

I struggle with the fact that I have passed on this trait to all my girls – I want so much to be supportive and happy that they are going, doing, serving, growing…but man does it feel yucky sometimes! So instead of being weepy, we get snippy.


Driving Tests, Diplomas, and Wedding Bells

My year is going to be exciting to say the least! Many mixed emotions as I look at that list. The last of the three to get a new level of freedom with a license, the second one to begin a new journey into adulthood with a diploma, and the first one to make a major “no turning back” life change – all full of different emotions for me.


Then to top it all off, they throw a curve ball at me – youngest is headed to work at camp Lamoka in NY for six weeks and the middle one is headed to Peru for a month … WHAT???


The Journey to Learning that Good things may not always be the Right things.

Have you ever had a life changing experience? One that maybe was sent by God to get your attention? Because maybe He had been trying to get your attention for years …. maybe you would get what He was saying, but you either wouldn’t listen or you would only listen for a while but then you’d go right back to what you were doing…

woman surrending
I believe I did; I feel as if God finally had enough of His daughter trying to do it her way and He said, “No more”.

For years I struggled with what it was God wanted me doing – what was His will for my life; I just knew it had to be more than “just” being a stay at home wife and mother. After all that wasn’t really a ministry and I knew I was suppose to be in ministry – somehow, some way…In fact probably in many ways, right?


Why and how we say yes.

This question has presented itself over and over in recent years as Kevin and I are raising our three daughters. When our girls were younger we noticed many people; people whom we looked up to, had taken the approach of no dating in high school. When our girls were little we thought – Yes! that is the best answer, but we quickly observed that this might not be the approach we really wanted to stick with.

daughter shoes

As we began to experience the beginning of crushes that were turning into something a little more, we began with the whole – “You’re not dating till you’re out of high school” route. Then we got caught up in a situation of sneaking behind mom and dad’s back to try things out anyway. This caused us to really rethink our approach; was this really the way we wanted to go? If we didn’t help our girls through their first experiences with boys – how would they learn how God wanted them to interact with them and eventually with their future husbands?