The Wallenbecks ... Life As We Live It!

Life As We Live It for us began May 29, 1993.  Beginning our journey at 20 years of age with no college education, moving to ‘his town’ in NY made for a very, very rough start. Pile on 10 moves in 10 years, new job every 2 years, multi-level marketing tryouts, layoffs … well, you get the picture.

All the in-between then and now years have allowed us to have some experiences we would do different as well as some milestone memories we wouldn’t want to ever give up.

Now 22 years later with more grace and mercy than anyone could imagine or deserve, here we are growing our marriage, nurturing three beautiful young ladies into adulthood.


God has placed it in our hearts to begin sharing the ‘wallenbeck tales’ of raising daughters and growing a marriage relationship.  It is our hope that through the insights we share from our own experiences and those we learn and continue to learn from others will allow other moms and dads to mentor, grow, and love their young ladies into adulthood.



Now for some nostalgia … this was the banner on our original LiveAsWeLiveIt blog pre-facebook when we needed a way to keep the grandparents up to date on our family adventures!


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