What makes me think God won't use me?

Even though I have been sad at times and dealing with some big changes these past months,  God continues to be God and has done amazing things.

This summer, every Wednesday evening I’ve had the privilege of sharing and speaking truth into the lives of some wonderful young ladies in the single adult’s group at our church.  It’s been incredible!

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A few years ago the Holy Spirit started working in me about a need in the universal church, as well in our own church – the need for consistent, authentic leadership within the college/young-adult age group.

Young people want to be allowed to come to their own conclusions about Christian living and life in general, but they also need others speaking truth into their lives in a genuine, authentic way. They want to hear, see, and experience personal direct ways in which God works.

Several ideas and topics had been stirring in my heart for quite some time  – things I wished had been shared with me when I was 18 to 25 years of age. So out of these stirrings came the Summer of Choice – Choice means Choosing Healthy Outrageous Intentional Christ-like Experiences.

We’ve covered several great topics all centered around making the right choices – Choosing to use our words for good, choosing to become the women who God intended us to be …and more. One of the topics actually came to me as we were in Lancaster on our trip. I had a different subject in mind, but God said no – I want you to talk about this…What, God talked to you? Well, yes. He did.

He did by placing the same topic in front of me in several different ways. First, we went to see Jonah at Sight and Sound one evening and then the next morning while taking my walk around the campground, I listened to a message by Chrystal Evans Hurst . The thoughts of past Bible studies just started flooding my mind – God uses broken. I went back to the camper and sat down and just started putting together the challenge of  “Choosing to be Used Even with Our Imperfections”.

How amazingly freeing and humbling all in the same breath – God uses broken!  Think about that for a minute … think about the stories all throughout Scripture – there were some messed up people that God used to lead whole nations to Him. He used prostitutes and men who used their services in His own Son’s lineage! WHAT?

Jonah ran away from God’s direct order, got on a ship going the opposite direction, got thrown overboard, swallowed by a fish, and finally puked up on the shore. He reluctantly went to where God originally told him to go – a city that took 3 days to cross! One day into the journey he gives them the message from God and … Listen to this people! – Immediately the people started to repent! It started spreading like wildfire across this huge city and even to the palace. Then the king declared the whole nation would repent and put on sackcloth – Hundreds of thousands of people were saved! and what did Jonah do? He ran to a hilltop and lamented that God was showing them mercy!

Read Jonah again – Jonah was broken…but God used Jonah…120,000 people turned from their sin and repented! What makes me think God won’t use me?

I’m damaged goods.

I’m not educated enough.

I’m not eloquent enough.

The list of excuses could go on and on, but guess what? God wants to use me! God wants me to be ready and willing to be used by Him. He wants me in His Word daily, He wants me asking Him for help and direction, and He wants me to be available. I am broken, but God can use me… So many things can keep us from choosing to do the things that He asks us. And yes, I believe it is a choice.

Did you know the things that keep us from making the choice – Fear, pride, hurt…all have answers in the Bible! There are answers to defeat these vices as well any other excuses or vices you might have! Fear – Isaiah 43:1-2, Psalms 34:4; Pride – 1 Peter 5:6, James 4:10; Hurt – Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalms 32:9-11…So many obstacles with so many more answers.

God wants to use your story to help further His kingdom, to help others move forward in their story, and also to help heal you as you allow Him to work. Broken  – we are all broken in some way.

So what is holding you back from allowing God to use your broken? I really hope you will be encouraged to examine why you might not be allowing God to use you.

I’d love to hear your story – How has God used your broken – have you allowed Him to use your story? Or maybe what is holding you back from letting Him use you?  How might you overcome this and do the task next time? Excited to hear from you!

God has blessed me with an incredible life, not without trials and consequences, but one filled with grace and mercy. Each day is filled with adventures of being the wife of an entrepreneur and mother of three wonderful daughters. From leading women's Bible studies to full-on drama productions to PRC advocacy the journey is long, but rewarding.

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