From butterfly kisses at bedtime to the daddy daughter dance

I remember when my first born, Ashli, was growing up.  When she was 2, I thought wow only  half way to 4, lots of time left.  When she was 4, I thought wow, only half way to 8, lots of time left.  When she was 8, I thought, she’s only eight, plenty of time until she is 16.  Now she’s 20 with a ring on her finger and a wedding only 10 months away, plenty of time!

Wait, stop … rewind.  Where has the time gone?  As a dad and mom we often think and act like we have plenty of time with our daughters and then when the future arrives we sit back and wonder where did it all go.

The journey of love and relationships for Ashli has been jammed packed with ups and downs, curves, one-way’s, and dead ends.  I even think there may have been a ‘what were you thinking’ crossing sign along the way, at least  time or two:)  But haven’t we all been there as parents?  How perfect was your entry into dating and finding your life long friend and partner?

We’ve always encouraged Ashli … ‘as you follow after God, making the right choices, serving where He’s planted you, honoring mom and dad, when the right man comes along , we will know, God will reveal it’!  Of course, as parents we say many things that we hope and trust one day will come true, and for Ashli it did.

A year ago when … well, let’s just let Ashli and her fiancee Simeon tell the story …


It’s way easier to choose what God has for us when we are ‘walking in the light’ rather than when we are stumbling around in the dark, making all kinds of goofy, self-serving decisions.  The Bible states it nicely that ‘there is no greater joy than to see my children walk in truth’.

Both Sonja and I are happy.  We have a peace.  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Simeon is the right guy for our first born daughter, our ‘test case child’, one of the cherished loves of our lives.

It’s fun to see God at work!


Just a year into my marriage I told Sonja that we were going to have three daughters. Gut feeling, prophesy call it what you want but since our first born daughter in 1995 my life has been filled with the mystery of 'a woman'. I hope that by sharing these life experiences that others can reap the benefits of this Dads of Daughters Only journey he has me on.

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